Welcome to Rising Strong™

  • Would you like to have more joy, gratitude, contentment, authenticity, calm and creativity in your life?
  • Would you like to have more self compassion and acceptance?
  • Are you dealing with any life transitions?
  • Would you like strategies for getting back up after a fall or setback in a personal and/or professional relationship?
  • Do you find your inner critic running the show and struggle with self esteem and confidence at times?
  • Do you want to feel more empowered to make positive changes in your life?
  • Are you tired of hustling for acceptance from others?
  • Do you want to demonstrate more compassion and empathy to deepen your connection to others?
  • Are you able to embrace your imperfections and find the power in doing so?
  • Are you ready to embrace the power of your own life story?

Rising Strong™ is based on the simple physics of vulnerability: If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. 
When we take risks in our lives, we will inevitably fall and experience disappointments, hurts, failures and heartbreak. 

This is a program about what the research finds takes us to get back up, live a more wholehearted and satisfying life and how owning our stories of struggle gives us the power to write a daring new ending.  By participating in the Rising Strong™ Workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore how to live bravely every day by showing up in the arenas of your life and relationships to become the best, most authentic version of you.  

 Rising Strong™ is a 16 session psycho-educational curriculum based on the research of Brené Brown. Each session can range anywhere from half an hour to two hours, depending on the level of interest and the level of processing we choose to engage in. The workshops can be done in an intensive format over two or three days, or shorter group sessions, spread out over six to eight weeks.

Brené Brown's research findings help people find the strength and courage to rise strong in their personal and professional lives. Over the course of the workshop, we will guide the group with many positive psycho-educational and experiential exercises, personal exploration, videos from Brené Brown created specifically for Rising Strong™ participants and an opportunity for personal reflections and growth in a safe, supportive, positive and fun environment.
The Rising Strong ™ Workshop is designed to address your personal goals, relationships, professional and creative lives.

Contact us for upcoming events or to talk about planning a Rising Strong™ workshop.